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Black Orchid® - BUY NOW

Black Orchid hair care products are formulated to nourish and dress the hair. This hair care beauty staple has been used for years by African American, women of color and multi-cultural women throughout the Americas, on tropical islands and exotic locations around the world. With formulations that include bergamots and luxurious pomades, exotic oils and detangling products promote smooth, silky and fragrant hair for all cultures – Black Orchid® is the product of choice – exclusively manufactured by! Scents that are fresh, pure and clean inspire feelings of tranquility and serenity.

Chubs Baby Wipes® - BUY NOW

Baby Wipes are moist towelettes that have special quilting and are lightly scented. Chubs® are conveniently packaged in a canister or a reusable soft pack. They are hypoallergenic wipes that are alcohol free and made with aloe. Chubs® wipes are strong and durable and are an affordable wipe option.

Dorothy Gray® - BUY NOW

Introduced in 1916, Dorothy Gray® is an “upscale” line of face and eye creams products specifically designed to address the needs of dry or mature skin. Dorothy Gray®’s Satura products have been developed with the most effective beauty discoveries to help keep your complexion petal fresh and radiantly youthful. This formulation of “high end” skincare and eye creams has been manufactured by as an antiaging product offering in the personal care and beauty brands industry. This prestige brand enjoys domestic distribution in the United States, with great concentration in the southern Border States, in addition to a fantastic international beauty brand presence.

Tussy Antiperspirant & Deodorant® - BUY NOW

Tussy® brand deodorant and deodorant/antiperspirant products were introduced in 1925. The product began as a cream deodorant and is still available in this form. Today the deodorant/antiperspirant is also available in the popular roll on and stick form. Tussy® has remained popular through the years because of the gentle, effective and long lasting protection it provides. These products are available in two great scents – Original Spice and Powderfresh. This brand meets a consumer need for an open-price point offering, available in food, drug, mass and dollar outlets. This brand is manufactured and distributed exclusively by the premier contract manufacturer and product development company for personal care products.