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Black Orchid Hair Care Collection Pomade Dorothy Gray Moisture Cream with Vitamin A Tussy Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant in Spice
Dorothy Gray® Vitamin A
Our Price: $15.65
Black Orchid® Hair Care is formulated to nourish and dress the hair. This hair care beauty staple has been used for years by African American, women of color and multi-cultural women throughout the Americas, on tropical islands and exotic locations around the world.  With formulations that include bergamots and luxurious pomades, exotic oils and detangling products promote smooth, silky and fragrant hair for all cultures – Black Orchid® is the product of choice – manufactured in the USA!  Scents that are fresh, pure and clean inspire feelings of tranquility and serenity. Black Orchid® products are offered in a special 3 Pack. Dorothy Gray Satura Moisture Cream with Vitamin A is a luxurious, velvety, moisturizing product that is ideal for revitalizing and soothing dry or mature skin. This soft cream absorbs smoothly into the skin to help to restore its youthful appearance and reduce or eliminate the discomfort of dryness, such as flaking, tightness, sagging, and an overall dull appearance. This moisture cream is fortified with vitamin A as well as other protective ingredients to help to keep your skin hydrated, silky and healthy looking. This product has been famous for years for its effectiveness, and has earned the trust of women who truly care for their skin. 8 oz. . 1.7 oz. Tussy produThis solid Tussy Antiperspirant & Deodorant Regular, Fresh Spice, glides on smooth and dry and is specially formulated to be gentle and effective and to provide long-lasting protection against wetness and under-arm odor. Formulation is effective yet mild and less irritating than most common active ingredients Tussy deodorant and antiperspirant products have been made since 1925 and are pH balancedcts are offered in a special 3 Pack.